041: What Can Gymnastics Teach Us About Patience?



I am terrible with being patient. I like to be good at things immediately. I like to see immediate results.

This is not a virtue when it comes to learning high level gymnastics moves that require a high level of preparation and conditioning.

It is probably why I have put off this gymnastics program for so long.

Now that I started, I have already learned a lot about patience and being humble.

Looking forward to sharing these lessons with you today.

Tire Flipping

040: What Does Flipping Tires Have To Do With Success?

Tire Flipping

Physical challenges are a great metaphor for life. Physical struggle always has a mental component that can permeate to every single thing in our lives.

Flipping monster tires is hard work. It requires an intense focus and the ability to push through pain.

There are many lessons we can learn from that and I am excited to share them with you.


038: Becoming a Jack of All Trades


Have you ever met the person that was able to talk to anyone, at any time, about anything, and build instant rapport? It is inspiring to watch.

Part of building rapport, and consequently, being in a position to influence requires you to have a wide range of knowledge so you can be relatable in as many situations as possible.

Today I discuss some the techniques and ideas I have learned from my mentors to do just that.


029: Your Most Important Asset


There is no greater asset than relationships.

There is no greater capital than your social capital.

Isaac Newton famously once said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

Another one of my favorite quotes is by Zig Ziglar: “You can have everything in life you want, if you just help other people get what they want.”

In order to maintain healthy relationships you must make a list of the most important people in your life, connect with them, and always look for ways to contribute to their lives.

We can all be selfish at times but it is important to recognize that and get back to serving others. The greatest way I have found to reduce stress, anxiety, and frustration when things just don’t seem to be going well in my life is to lose myself in service to others.



027: How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety


I share 3 very powerful strategies in this episode to help you overcome stress and anxiety.

I have been on the longest holiday I have taken in over 7 years.

It was stressful and uncomfortable to be away from the office for almost 3 weeks.

Thoughts about how my staff and my patients were doing were constantly running through my mind. I was letting it really affect me.

That was until I received a phone call.

I received a phone call by someone close to me who was really stressing over money and a student loan that was hanging over their head.

My advice was simple: Even if you have the money, don’t pay the loan off yet.

My advice was to find out why this was causing him so much stress first.

Then pay off the loan.


026: Success Principles I Learned From A Baby


Most people think it is the adults teaching the kids how to live a great life but the opposite is also very true!

I have spent the last week with my 10 month old nephew, Grayson, and he has certainly taught me many lessons in living a great life.

In this podcast, I share some of my favorite stories from the few days I have spent with him. These stories are great reminders on how to really enjoy life.

Thanks Grayson! I love you.


024: Building an “A” Team


There is nothing more powerful in your life than your team.

As Jim Rohn and many others have said, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

This includes your friends, family, and in regards to your business, your team.

The big question is “How do you hire the right people?”

The short answer is you have create a standard for your business and you have to ask the right questions. You must be crystal clear on what and who you are looking for and ask the right questions to bring out what you are looking for in the potential staff member.

And always remember, fire fast and hire slow.



023: Business Lessons from Valentino


I had one of the most amazing dining experiences I have ever had last night.

During the evening, I ran into one of the family members of the restaurant, Alberto, in the wine cellar and he shared with me the 3 keys to running a successful restaurant.

The restaurant is called Ristorante Da Valentino which is a family owned and operated Italian restaurant in Singapore. Everything about this place was extraordinary. In a world of failing restaurants, this place has been wildly successful for many years, and I can certainly see why.

These 3 things can be applied to any business and I discuss them on the show today.



022: Mastering Habits, Morning Routines, and Introduction to Stoicism with Erik Kruger


Erik Kruger is the founder of BetterMan. He helps men live more effective and efficient lives. To help them move through the world as an unstoppable force. To learn more check out

In this episode, we cover ways to conquer your morning routine, how to develop more powerful habits, and the ability that little changes have to make a huge impact on your life.

I hope you enjoy the show!