041: What Can Gymnastics Teach Us About Patience?



I am terrible with being patient. I like to be good at things immediately. I like to see immediate results.

This is not a virtue when it comes to learning high level gymnastics moves that require a high level of preparation and conditioning.

It is probably why I have put off this gymnastics program for so long.

Now that I started, I have already learned a lot about patience and being humble.

Looking forward to sharing these lessons with you today.

Tire Flipping

040: What Does Flipping Tires Have To Do With Success?

Tire Flipping

Physical challenges are a great metaphor for life. Physical struggle always has a mental component that can permeate to every single thing in our lives.

Flipping monster tires is hard work. It requires an intense focus and the ability to push through pain.

There are many lessons we can learn from that and I am excited to share them with you.


023: Business Lessons from Valentino


I had one of the most amazing dining experiences I have ever had last night.

During the evening, I ran into one of the family members of the restaurant, Alberto, in the wine cellar and he shared with me the 3 keys to running a successful restaurant.

The restaurant is called Ristorante Da Valentino which is a family owned and operated Italian restaurant in Singapore. Everything about this place was extraordinary. In a world of failing restaurants, this place has been wildly successful for many years, and I can certainly see why.

These 3 things can be applied to any business and I discuss them on the show today.