055: Learning + Action = Success


“It is impossible to learn that which one thinks one already knows,” Epictetus says.

This was taken from the book, Ego is the Enemy, a great new read by Ryan Holiday.

If you go through life either thinking you already know everything, you cease to learn and grow. You never truly reach your potential and instead remain stagnant.

The real formula for life is to constantly learn and take action.

In this episode, I discuss common pitfalls people face when it comes to growth and getting results in life.



041: What Can Gymnastics Teach Us About Patience?



I am terrible with being patient. I like to be good at things immediately. I like to see immediate results.

This is not a virtue when it comes to learning high level gymnastics moves that require a high level of preparation and conditioning.

It is probably why I have put off this gymnastics program for so long.

Now that I started, I have already learned a lot about patience and being humble.

Looking forward to sharing these lessons with you today.


031: Why does success feel like failure?


What do you do when you are stuck in a situation that scares the “you know what” out of you? How do you know whether it is a success or a giant failure?

A friend of mine is stuck in one of these situations where she bought an investment property and feels like she is in way over her head. She is questioning whether or not she made the right decision and worries that it may all come crashing down.

During this podcast, I discuss some questions you can ask yourself to help create more clarity over what to do in your life. I also share what you can do if you feel like you are in the wrong boat heading in the wrong direction.

Enjoy the show!


Do you get overwhelmed? Yea, me too!

There is a popular quote I remember once hearing that goes something like this “If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.” At first, I thought that was crazy. If I want something done, I am not going to give it to someone who has a lot on their plate. I am going to give it to someone who has a lot of free time.

The reality is that as I get busier and busier, I know that quote to be very true.


I am at a point in my life where I have more and more added to my plate: I run a very busy chiropractic clinic. I have a website. I run the Ultimate Achievement Show podcast. I have a relationship. I have a social life. I have an intense fitness and movement practice. I love to read and write. I have other things in the works that I haven’t even listed here.

Is it overwhelming, you ask? At times, absolutely! I find that when I get overwhelmed, it helps to ask a few really powerful questions.

1 Is this important to me and my growth?

2 What is the lesson here?

3 How can I be more efficient?

Here is the key: I have to answer YES to number one, and if I don’t, I scrap the idea or project. I don’t even move on to number two.

I remember in the past when one or two of the things on my list were overwhelming and now it feels easy. As long as I continue to ask the right questions, continue to persevere and grow, and look for more ways to be effective and efficient, the things that are overwhelming today will be a cake-walk tomorrow.


If things are important to you, don’t give up just because things are hard.

Find ways to become more efficient so you can accomplish more in less time.

Look for ways to delegate things that don’t require your full attention and that will maximize your time and progress.

The terrible affliction that many of us suffer from is being in the same place in our lives today that we were 5 years ago.

Make every year – scratch that – make every DAY better than the day before. Make every day more efficient, more passionate, and more meaningful than the day before.

It is the pursuit, not the destination, where true fulfillment resides.

All the best,

Dr. Matt Westheimer


012: Turning A $30 Million Loss Into A Major Win with Dr. Brent Baldasare


What would you do if you grew your life from nothing to being worth millions and then lost it all and some? Would it defeat you or strengthen your resolve?

My guest today, Dr. Brent Baldasare, was living the great life – he had multiple successful businesses, worth millions, and had a beautiful family. Then 2009 hit.

A property development deal that he leveraged everything against fell apart. He went from being worth millions to over $30 million in the hole. But he never gave up.

He has come out of that experience healthier, stronger, and more connected to his family than ever before. His businesses are growing rapidly, and he is even grateful for the experience for what it has taught him.

He is an extraordinary person with an extraordinary message.

I hope you enjoy!

Krabi, Thailand

It’s Okay To Be Scared…

Since the beginning of time, the most powerful messages have been shared by stories. There is a great book I have been reading called Living Beautifully by Pema Chodron, a Tibetan Buddhist monk. I love this story she shared called The Frog and The Well:

One day, a frog who had lived his whole life in a well received a visit from a frog who lived by the ocean. When the well frog asked how big the ocean was, the visitor said, “It’s gigantic.” “You mean about one-fourth the size of the well?” the well frog asked. “Much bigger” was the answer. “You mean it’s as big as my well?” asked the well frog incredulously. “Far bigger. There’s no comparison,” said the frog from the sea. “That’s impossible. I don’t believe you,” said the well frog. So they set off together to see. And when the well frog saw the vastness of the ocean, it was such a shock that his mind couldn’t comprehend it, and he died on the spot.

Krabi, Thailand

Krabi, Thailand

Many of us feel like the well frog at the thought of facing certain challenges in our lives. We think that quitting a job we don’t like, moving to another country, ending a relationship we are certain is not right for us, or climbing large mountains – physically and metaphorically- are going to kill us. Sometimes the vastness of what we perceive to be outside our well is enough to paralyze us to inaction.

People can be very comfortable in a “well.” People can live a nice life with a secure job and convenient location to set down roots. Many people live their whole lives never testing the unknown; never chasing their dreams; never expanding their consciousness and comfort zones.

I was like that for a long time. I always went for what was safe, rather than what was exciting. I chose comfort over experience. I chose what would make me look good, rather than what would expand me.

I remember taking my first trip to Europe to backpack Iceland, backpacking 9 countries in one month, a 10 day trip to Israel, and a 2 month internship in China. I capped it off with deciding to move my life to the other side of the world to live in Singapore. Then I created a platform to share my life and lessons learned in an effort to transform others.

Every one of those choices were scary as hell. They were also extraordinarily exciting. No great things have come in my life without making big decisions and taking big risks followed by a commitment to grow no matter what happened.

If you’re looking for the easy way out, you are looking in the wrong place.

Dream big,

Dr. Matt Westheimer