Tire Flipping

040: What Does Flipping Tires Have To Do With Success?

Tire Flipping

Physical challenges are a great metaphor for life. Physical struggle always has a mental component that can permeate to every single thing in our lives.

Flipping monster tires is hard work. It requires an intense focus and the ability to push through pain.

There are many lessons we can learn from that and I am excited to share them with you.


035: Doing Things We Don’t Like Sucks


I did something the other day I really don’t like. It is something I have been avoiding for years – JOGGING.

I love to lift, do gymnastics, sprint, bike, yoga, stand up paddle, rock climb, and pretty much anything that is active – except jogging.

I know that it would be a valuable addition to my exercise routine but I don’t like it so I avoid it.

Many people would justify it as I have with the fact that I am doing enough other things to stay healthy so it is not a big deal.

True, but the reason I should be doing it is not so much for the physical benefit as much as it is for the mental benefit.

It takes discipline to do things we don’t like to do. It takes effort. It takes a commitment to being uncomfortable.

This skill spills over into all areas of our life.

Enjoy the episode!


How To Make Your Resolutions Last

It is the time of the year where resolutions are made to transform your health and get into better shape. People form resolutions around everything from waking up earlier, eating healthier, connecting more with families and friends, and devoting themselves more to their faith or religion.

This time of the year gyms are packed, people load up on healthy groceries, and relationship goals are set. Then something comes along and derails everything. Something unavoidable occurs that we can’t hide from. It affects everyone around the world and doesn’t care how old, young, poor, or rich you are. It’s called February!


Find a setting that inspires you to set goals.

I am only slightly kidding! The truth is that in January the gyms are full and by February or March they’re empty again. Why is that the case? Why do we form resolutions and so few people actually stick to them?

This happens for 2 reasons:

1 They were a “should” and not a “must!”

2 There was no initial plan. And even if there was an initial plan, there was no contingency plan when things get difficult which things most certainly will!

Ultimately we get our “must do” things done, and our “should do” things don’t get done.

Do you ever walk out of the house naked even if you are running really late? Heck no, because getting dressed is a must. Do you ever skip going to the bathroom or stop eating? No to those as well because they are a must.

How would your life transform if you made movement and fitness as much of a must as breathing? How much better would you feel if eating healthy was as important as getting dressed in the morning? How much better would your career look if you made learning and growth on a constant basis as important as your morning trip to the bathroom?

I think I’ve made my point by now.

Do you finally want to make this year’s resolutions stick?

Find out a way to make them a “MUST.”

All the best,

Dr. Matt Westheimer