043: Turn Failure into Success


We spend so much of our life worrying about failure and comparing ourselves to other.

We don’t start projects because we fear we might fail.

We surf social media and see how wonderful everyone else’s life is not realizing they are just showing the “highlight” reel. In many cases, even the highlight reel is just a façade to give the perception of things being great when in reality they are crumbling inside.

Reality is we are going to fail at times – many times. We are going to get knocked down and we have the choice to stay there or get back up.

We can choose to compare ourselves to others or get so busy living our purpose that we don’t have time to compare ourselves to others.

The choice is always yours.


012: Turning A $30 Million Loss Into A Major Win with Dr. Brent Baldasare


What would you do if you grew your life from nothing to being worth millions and then lost it all and some? Would it defeat you or strengthen your resolve?

My guest today, Dr. Brent Baldasare, was living the great life – he had multiple successful businesses, worth millions, and had a beautiful family. Then 2009 hit.

A property development deal that he leveraged everything against fell apart. He went from being worth millions to over $30 million in the hole. But he never gave up.

He has come out of that experience healthier, stronger, and more connected to his family than ever before. His businesses are growing rapidly, and he is even grateful for the experience for what it has taught him.

He is an extraordinary person with an extraordinary message.

I hope you enjoy!