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058: Sam Walton, Customer Service and Communication in a Billion Dollar Business

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Wal-Mart is the largest company in the world by revenue. They have over 2 million employees and generate over $450 billion a year in revenue (Wikipedia).

It was all started by one man just over 50 years ago – Sam Walton. In this autobiography written in the final years of his life while he was battling sickness, he opened up amazing details about his life and that of Wal-Mart.

In this episode, I discuss from the book:

  • Sam Walton’s perspective on communication
  • Structured vs Unstructured communication
  • 3 Types of Structured Communication
  • Sam Walton’s view on customer service and what he implemented that skyrocketed their sales
  • 5 things to create an extraordinary customer experience

Take a listen and let me know what you think. Enjoy!


038: Becoming a Jack of All Trades


Have you ever met the person that was able to talk to anyone, at any time, about anything, and build instant rapport? It is inspiring to watch.

Part of building rapport, and consequently, being in a position to influence requires you to have a wide range of knowledge so you can be relatable in as many situations as possible.

Today I discuss some the techniques and ideas I have learned from my mentors to do just that.

At a Tony Robbins seminar... Looking forward to joining him up there someday :)

Communication: Do you have what it takes?

There is no greater way to influence people than through communication.

Martin Luther King Jr. demonstrated communication mastery with his “I Have A Dream Speech.” He mobilised millions of people to fight for equality. John F. Kennedy did the same thing with his “Man on the Moon” speech and in doing so did what was thought to be impossible at the time which was putting a man on the moon. Steve Job’s did so with his iconic new product launch presentations building one of the wealthiest and most influential companies in the world.

Communication is not only oratory in nature. It can also be accomplished through the written word. You have spiritual texts like the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Tao Te Ching, Koran, and Old Testament whose written word has inspired billions of people around the world. You have literary works like Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” that led to the decimation of millions of innocent people. And you have positive pieces like those of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckert Tolle, and Viktor Frankl whose literary masterpieces have led to millions of people transforming their lives in a positive way.

At a Tony Robbins seminar... Looking forward to joining him up there someday :)

At a Tony Robbins seminar… Looking forward to joining him up there someday!

Words are powerful. The ability to formulate and articulately present those words is priceless. When we can craft our communication, similarly to the manner in which Michelangelo and Van Gogh paint, we can literally change the world around us.

I just delivered a talk today for a great group of people on the topic of health. Before every talk, I have a routine where I remind myself, “With this opportunity, I have the potential to transform these people’s lives. Make it powerful.” I then follow that up with one of Tony Robbins incantations that he uses every time before he goes on stage which is “I now command my subconscious mind to direct me in helping as many people as possible today; by giving me the strength, the emotion, the humor, the brevity, whatever it takes to get these people to change their lives now.” I repeat that over and over again to influence my physiology and get myself in the maximum state to be present and be influential.

I make it a goal to be able to go to sleep each and every night knowing I gave every conversation, every interaction, and every presentation everything I have because the people I have the opportunity to serve deserve it.

I am certainly not perfect and fall short of my goal many times, but the journey never changes; the process never changes. It was always the goal in the past, is the goal currently, and will always be the goal into the future.

Are you working on YOUR communication?

All the best,

Dr. Matt Westheimer