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006: Optimal Mindset with Jonathan Garside-Atkinson

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What does it take to be happy? Where does fear come from? What are the top reasons people fail or succeed? We cover all these topics and more!

Towards the end, we even cover the secret to creating an extraordinary relationship with your partner.

My interview today is with Jonathan Garside-Atkinson. He had been a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist in London and Sydney for over 18 years.

Now based here in Singapore, him and his team are committed to providing quality Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment.

He works with both individuals and couples on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, with the aim of enabling them to enhance their life and to live it more fully.

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005: Setting Powerful Goals

In order to create an extraordinary life, you have to decide specifically what you want, create a massive action plan to get there, adapt and hone your process along the way, and never give up until you reach them. Goals are there for one reason – to be CRUSHED.

In today’s podcast, I discuss a fantastic process for setting powerful goals. I walk you through step-by-step to help you get fantastic results in your life.

Grab your notebook and a pen, and follow along in setting up your life for success.

Let’s get started crushing your goals.

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004: Creating More Clarity

Are you struggling with a lack of clarity? Are you frustrated because you feel stuck or because you are unsure of the direction your life is heading?

One of the top keys to success is clarity. Today’s episode explores the concept of clarity and how you can get better results in your life!

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003: Wealth Creation with Ann-Marie Regal

The first time I met Ann Marie, we spent about 2.5 hrs talking about finance and investing and I knew 3 things: she’s crazy smart, she loves what she does, and she loves to help people. It was after that initial conversation that she literally saved me $1000/month in interest by looking at my life and having me pay off my student loans immediately. This was before she ever charged me anything.

Now some of you may not be in a position to do that right now but in this conversation I hope to equip you with a lot of knowledge to start to look at money and your future differently. We could not have a better setting. We are sitting on the 26th floor of the Maybank building with views of the Marina Bay Sands which is the iconic hotel in Singapore with a rooftop that looks like a boat.

Ann Marie is a Wealth Manager at Globaleye, specializing in clients who have connections to America. She holds the US Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation and has been working in the financial services industry for over 16 years.

Prior to moving to Singapore with her family in 2007, Ann Marie worked at Legg Mason Investment Counsel (LMIC), and its predecessors, providing highly tailored investment and trust strategies for affluent individuals, families and institutions and is the winner of the 2015 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards.



002: Winning at Life with Dr. Austin Cohen


Dr. Austin Cohen is incredibly successful by every stretch of the imagination. He is a prolific speaker and writer, accomplished Crossfit athlete and Ironman competitor, runs a very successful chiropractic practice, and has a beautiful marriage and baby girl. He is man that has it all. He structures his day and strategizes his life in such a way that gets him reproducible and consistent results.

On the show today, we discuss the morning routines, habits, and rituals that allows Dr. Cohen to operate consistently at such a high level. Get your notepad and pen ready because this episode is full of gems!


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001: Dr. Matt Westheimer | Welcome to the Ultimate Achievement Show

It is an honour and a privilege to introduce my brand new project with you guys today. This is The Ultimate Achievement Show. The Ultimate Achievement Show is a podcast for high performers and young professionals who are looking at creating extraordinary results in all areas of their life. What good is being wealthy if you aren’t happy? How much more would you enjoy life if you had the money to travel around the world and eat at some of the finest restaurants? How much more meaning could you create if you were able to give back to the world in a way that allows you to leave a legacy?

My name is Dr. Matt Westheimer and I am the founder of Elite Blueprint, a leading organization in personal improvement and dominating life. I have travelled to over 20 countries around the world, run a ultra busy chiropractic office, read hundreds of books, listened to thousands of hours of audio in areas of leadership, personal improvement, and communication and has dedicated my life to constant growth and learning so I can created a massive impact in the lives of others.

And do you know what? I still don’t have it all figured out. I still have so much to learn and that is why this show will have a 2 pronged focus: I will be bringing on the most successful and interesting people I know onto the show and revealing their rituals, habits, and secrets to living an extraordinary life. I will be showcasing people that have built multimillion dollar businesses and people who have extraordinary relationships. I will be interviewing people with legendary marriages as well as financial experts. I will be interviewing people who have had to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and others who experience a level of health and vitality unrivalled anywhere in the world. I will also be sharing short monologues of my own lessons, successes, and failures to help bring a higher level of achievement to all areas of your life.

Thank you for visiting. Please visit us on iTunes and subscribe to our podcast and you will receive each new show automatically delivered to your phone. Join me on this journey of growth and development and enjoy the process of taking your life to the next level.