060: The Origin Story of the Walmart Greeter


If you ask just about any of the 350+ million people living in the USA if they are familiar with the Walmart greeter, they would say “Yes.” The Walmart greeter is as connected to Walmart as the Swoosh is to Nike or the i… is to Apple.

As many people as there are that know about the Walmart greeter, I am sure there are just a handful of people that know the origin story.

I am about to share it with you today.

I am also going to share 3 big takeaways from the show:

1 Always look at things from the customer’s perspective

2 Always look for ways to add more value

3 Be relentless with your execution

If you would like examples of the 3 takeaways and implementation strategies or if you just want to hear the origin story of the Walmart greeter, which is fascinating in and of itself, enjoy the episode!

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