035: Doing Things We Don’t Like Sucks


I did something the other day I really don’t like. It is something I have been avoiding for years – JOGGING.

I love to lift, do gymnastics, sprint, bike, yoga, stand up paddle, rock climb, and pretty much anything that is active – except jogging.

I know that it would be a valuable addition to my exercise routine but I don’t like it so I avoid it.

Many people would justify it as I have with the fact that I am doing enough other things to stay healthy so it is not a big deal.

True, but the reason I should be doing it is not so much for the physical benefit as much as it is for the mental benefit.

It takes discipline to do things we don’t like to do. It takes effort. It takes a commitment to being uncomfortable.

This skill spills over into all areas of our life.

Enjoy the episode!

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