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What is life all about…perfection or excellence?

As I was researching both words, they are listed in each other’s lists as synonyms. Although the words are apparently similar, there are some key distinctions. When I looked at both words, I was immediately drawn to the word “perfection.” There is something about the word that draws me. When I think of perfection, I think of performing, delivering, achieving, experiencing, or being something to a degree that transcends what has ever been accomplished before. I think about having the perfect practice, delivering the perfect speech, having the perfect relationship, and obtaining perfect health. However, I realize just because it meets my current psychology of achievement or success, it does not mean it is perfect. I do not think perfection is even a solid benchmark because there is nowhere to go from there. If I was somehow able to obtain perfection, I am left with the hope that the best I will ever accomplish again will only be equal but never greater to the perfection I was able to reach. I also came to the conclusion after talking with my good friend Aryn, I view that human beings are already perfect. I believe not viewing human beings as perfect, when it comes to the human experience, is a contradiction in my vitalistic philosophy. Since people are already perfect and have the potential within themselves to express innate intelligence to the fullest degree, my job is to help them to realize it and release it in order for them to live extraordinary lives. Perfection is not the goal. It is the process of pursuing the expression of that perfection and not the achievement of perfection itself. That is why my purpose is the continual pursuance of personal mastery while creating a profound impact on humanity in the process. Coming up with my purpose is a process that took about 2 years to refine and mold and it may always be evolving as I grow and evolve. Originally my purpose was to be the best and to achieve personal mastery but realized that the achievement of mastery or perfection was not the goal. It was wrought with disappointment because I would only be happy when I got “there,” wherever “there” even is. For me it is the pursuance of the perfect expression within myself and the pursuance of personal mastery that makes life worth living. For me, it looks like living a life of excellence. Living a life of excellence is about always growing and developing. It is not about never making a mistake but living consciously and learning from the mistakes that is most important. It is about living with passion, love, excitement, determination, commitment, integrity, focus, discipline, and compassion. It is about living my life congruent with my core values. It is about being present and being more accepting and loving of myself. It is about working toward my goals but celebrating my victories, both emotional and physical, along the way. I realize when I come to the end of my road and people look back on my life, I do not want them saying I lived a life of perfection. I want to be known for living a life of significance and a life of excellence.

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