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The key to succeeding in today’s economy!

There is no denying that we are in the midst of difficult economic times. Unemployment is the highest it has been in over a quarter of a century. People’s savings accounts have been wiped out and many other people are struggling to stay afloat. As an employer or employee in today’s economy, it is more important now than ever to create outrageous value in your place of business. We not only must separate ourselves from the many other businesses that are providing the same or similar products or services, but we must do so in a way that demonstrates such an attractive value for our product or service that people cannot help but make it a top priority to purchase it because of the amazing impact it has on their lives. One of the ways I believe we can do that is through a world-class level of customer service. In our office, part of our mission is to create the environment for an exceptional chiropractic experience. Part of that is keeping the energy and attention on our practice members at such a high level that it is unparalleled to anything else in their life. I had an experience lately that demonstrated just how important making people feel remarkably special really is. We had an amazing person join the practice a few weeks ago. She summed up in a couple of sentences everything that we try to create in our office. She said she loved coming to the office because everything about the office experience is so positive and uplifting. She even said she does not mind waiting for her adjustment because she enjoys just sitting in the reception area and watching everyone because the energy and passion is like nothing she has ever seen. Uniting this kind of experience with an outstanding product or service is a winning combination! We live in such a negative world with all of the news, current events, and workplace focused on death, destruction, lack, loss, and negativity. If you can create an exceptional customer experience while creating outrageous value for your product or service, when people ask you how you feel about the current recession the economy seems to be facing, your answer will be: “What recession?”

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