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Stuck in a rut? Here’s the cure…

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Commit and take action. Commit and take action. Commit and take action.

This has been my mantra lately.

I find that whenever I find myself in a rut it is usually because I am sitting on the fence about something and using that as an excuse not to take action.

There is no better cure for stagnancy than to commit to something and take massive action. Many of these things will not come to fruition but each step sharpens the sword so to speak. Heck, I have dozens of articles I have written but never posted, business and project ideas I put work into and then decided to scrap, and detailed plans for things that are sitting there collecting dust.

I also have hundreds of blog posts that have been published, an incredible practice serving hundreds of families, a website with a couple of e-books designed to make people’s lives better, an upcoming podcast getting ready to launch, a re-invigorated rock climbing practice, and many other things in the pipeline.

Many of the things I have attempted and ideas I have created have never come to fruition, but many have. It takes an intense focus on committing to things and taking action.

Some of the things will work out and some won’t. So what? The ones that work – great. The ones that don’t – refine and move forward.

The key – commit and take action.

Have I made my point yet? Great.

Get started.

All the best,

Dr. Matt Westheimer

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