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I had an opportunity to do something a couple of weeks ago that I have not done in a while.  It is something I am incredibly passionate about and fuels me up every time I get the chance to do it.  I had the honor and privilege to stand in front of 250+ students and share my heart with them.  I had the opportunity to share in a way that could potentially shape their future forever.  I had the opportunity to inspire and stimulate their minds to believe that they could create, be, do, and have anything in life that they wanted.  To them it may have just been a presentation that occupied one of their class periods, but to me, it was like having 250 pieces of clay with eyes to see, ears to hear, and a mind to create a vision.  To them they may have just been students, but to me, they were future leaders of families, communities, and companies. To them it may have been a talk about a job and a way to make money, but to me, they were future world-changers and world-leaders.

How you view people will determine how you communicate with them. How you view people will determine your ability to connect with them and for them to connect with you. Believe in people and they will believe in themselves. Love people and they will begin to love themselves. Have a heart for people and watch your heart grow in the process. We begin to receive in proportion to that which we give to others.

Look for ways to contribute to people’s lives and watch your life change in the process. I guarantee it.


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