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Being healthy is simple!

All of our philosophical constructs must be followed by practical application in order to transform abstract ideas into massive value for our lives. It is when we create powerful action steps to back our philosophy that our lives really begin to take shape. If we truly want to live our best lives, we must remain congruent in our beliefs, thoughts, and actions. We must create an identity for ourselves and display that identity authentically in all areas of our lives. For example, my identity as a chiropractor is based on the premise that the body has an amazing power and intelligence inside of it that controls and regulates every cell, tissue, and organ of the body. It is that intelligence that attracts a sperm cell to an egg cell, creates a union, and divides and differentiates continuously until a 4 kg miracle of life is brought out to the world. It is an intelligence that is unmatched and unwavering in its commitment to keep us functioning at our highest level throughout our entire lifetimes. My belief is that we were not designed to live a life of poor health and suffering decline from the time we are 30 years old until death like many of us were brought up to believe. My belief is that we were designed to live our life like a candle. We were designed to shine bright for a lifetime. For example, imagine you buy a big beautiful candle that is guaranteed to burn for 7 days until it burns out. How does the candle burn on the 6th day compared to the 1st day? Is there any difference in the expression of that candle when 80% of its life is over? None! The candle shines bright throughout its entire life as long as it gets an essential requirement – oxygen. Maybe at the very end of its life, it will struggle, flicker a few times and then peacefully dissolve into the atmosphere, but that only occurs at the very end and not after half of its life is gone. As humans, we are designed to live an amazing, abundant, energy filled life until the very end where we may struggle to hang on to that very little bit of life left in us and then relatively quickly pass away , but not before we left our mark on the world through living a life of maximal expression. Sounds pretty great, right? So now that we have our philosophical construct, how do we make it happen? What action steps must we have in place to make this dream a reality? The answer to this is so simple that it eludes many of us. It is simple, yet not always so easy. The way to live this way is to live innately; to live a life from within; to live a life from above-down-inside-out; to live congruently to our genes and maximize our G-d given potential. As a chiropractor, my purpose to is free up that innate intelligence in the body to express itself at its full potential by detecting and correcting vertebral subluxations. It is primarily these subluxations that reduce the brightness and quality of your “flame.” It is also through teaching people how to live an innately driven lifestyle which consists of moving our bodies consistently and rigorously on a regular basis, keeping a healthy mental attitude that is fed and challenged on a regular basis, and ingesting quality nutrients to nourish all of the cells of the body. Living an innate driven life is simple, although not at times all that easy. For example, you already know what foods to eat. Are there more nutrients in a bowl of blueberries or a bowl of rice? Are there more nutrients in a plate of strawberries and banana, or a bowl of cereal? Choosing what to eat is simple. If you can eat it directly from a tree or the ground, eat it. If it flies, swims, or runs, eat it occasionally. Other than that, don’t touch it. Wait, so does that mean I should only be eating mostly fruits, vegetables, and nuts, and meat occasionally? That’s exactly what I’m saying. We make health much more complicated than we really need to. Get back to the basics. Do you really think there is something more valuable in a bowl of Special K that we can’t get in fruits and vegetables? Anything other than that is reducing our “flame.” Quiet your mind and look within and I think you will find the answers to many of life’s most important questions. Dream big, love often, live from within, and create a life of abundance where anything is possible. You deserve it.

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  1. Susan R Wing
    Susan R Wing says:

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