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Be Active! Be Healthy!

Do you ever have those lazy days when you just cannot motivate yourself to get out of bed? You have nothing important to do so you just decide to take a day where you stay in bed, watch movies, and read a good book. The only time you get out of bed is for the occasion snack and maybe to use the bathroom. We all have a day like that once in while. It might be after a really long and stressful week, and we feel that if we take an entire day to do absolutely nothing then we will finish the day energized and ready to conquer the world. Except that is never the case, is it? We never feel more energized after a day like that. We always feel more tired and lethargic. How is that possible? I thought rest was supposed to allow us to recharge our “batteries” and leave us with more energy?

The truth of the matter is movement is what stimulates life! Movement is analogous to a generator that is powered by a windmill. A generator cannot create its own power. Its power comes from the movement of the windmill. Similarly, our energy comes from movement, a large portion of which comes from movement of the spine. Every time we move a joint, we fired the nervous system. Exercise provides us with the avenue to fire up our nervous system and power up our brain. It is what we genetically require to create health and homeostasis in our body.

Exercise does not have to be synonymous with pain and torture. Keep it fun and interesting. Today, I had a great day snorkeling at the beach and walking on the sand. Not only was it an incredibly fun day, but I also got some great exercise in the process. If the gym is not your thing, find something you enjoy doing that adds more movement to your life. Take that dance class you always wanted to attend. Take your spouse for a midnight walk on the beach. Play a game of soccer with your kids. Take up yoga or pilates. Go rollerblading or for a bike ride. Do something to increase movement in your life. It will bring a new level of energy and vitality to your life you never experienced before. Be active! Be healthy!

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