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063: Are You In Control of Your Life?

This completely changed their way of life. We did not domesticate wheat. It domesticated us. The word ‘domesticate’ comes from the Latin domus, which means ‘house.’ Who’s the one living in a house? Not the wheat. It’s the Sapiens.” – Sapiens book Many of us have not just becomes domesticated by wheat. We are now […]

062: Crafting the Perfect Apology

There are 3 constants in life: death, taxes, and making mistakes. No matter how hard we try, making mistakes are an inevitable part of life. The one thing we have complete control over is what we do when we make a mistake. Do you take responsibility when you make a mistake or do you ignore […]

061: Sam Walton’s 10 Rules for Building a Business

The perfect ending to a wonderful book. Sam Walton shares his 10 Rules for Building a Business. How do you stack up? Rule 1: COMMIT to your business. Believe in it more than anybody else. Rule 2: SHARE your profits with all your associates, and treat them as partners. In turn, they will treat you as a partner. Rule […]

057: Tools for Destroying Your Ego

Our ego rears its ugly little head regularly to tell us we aren’t good enough and we have to do certain things to be worthy of love and success. It makes us compare ourselves to others and feel inferior. It destroys relationships and leads to an unhappy life. In the episode today, I talk about […]

056: Ego is the Enemy

I have found more and more that Ryan Holiday is correct, “Ego is the Enemy.” It is the enemy of happiness, fulfillment, and deep meaning. It is the enemy of relationships and connection. It is the enemy of so many things. In this episode, I discuss a great quote from the book by Tony Adams […]

055: Learning + Action = Success

“It is impossible to learn that which one thinks one already knows,” Epictetus says. This was taken from the book, Ego is the Enemy, a great new read by Ryan Holiday. If you go through life either thinking you already know everything, you cease to learn and grow. You never truly reach your potential and instead […]