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From Sucking to Success

  One of our favorite places to stay in Bali is a town called Canggu. We’ve been there a couple of times and always said we would love to go back to do a yoga retreat. Canggu is a mecca for healthy living. There are many yoga studios, organic restaurants, and world class surfing. We […]

The Cure for Always Wanting More… 

  The world has been going through so much change over the past 10-20 years. Through globalization, there are very few places that still retain the essence of the “good old” days. Western culture has permeated much of the Eastern world but there are still some places that have retained quite a bit of the […]

Their Highlight Reel to Your Blooper Reel

If you just looked at the pictures I have been posting, you would think this around-the-world trip has been all sunshine and rainbows. This assumption could NOT be further from the truth. Yes, the trip has been an amazing experience, but for every beautiful photo I post on Facebook, there is an equal and opposite […]

The Highs and Lows of My Philippines Adventure

I extended my arm overhead with Bluetooth head phones in hand and flung them across the room smashing them into the wall. I immediately regretted my decision, but the damage was already done. As with everything in my life, I always self-reflect and self-evaluate. I think it is a really important trait if you want […]

069: 5 Steps to a Perfect Morning

There are very few things we can control in life. Many of us have chaotic days where we feel like we are juggling a million things at one time. “If you want to be healthy and live a great life, you have to master your morning.” Simple, right? Yet for most of us, we have […]

068: The Millionaire Uber Driver

The last thing I was expecting when I got inside my Uber the other day was for the driver to be a retired multimillionaire. He was a really kind 66-year old man who retired 26 years ago. You do the math. He made a lot of money in his career and did some successful real […]

067: The 71-Year Old Fitness Phenom

I ran into a man the other day at the park who is a wonderful 71-year old man who can do full pull-ups, flips over the bar, and 1000 km bike rides for charity. Of course, I chatted with him for a while about how he keeps so healthy and it inspired me to share […]

065: The Diary of a Young Girl

What would you do if you were living in hiding from an almost certain death? I hope you never have to experience this but this is exactly what Anne Frank and her family had to endure during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Anne and her family were in hiding for 2 years until they […]