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The Master Prefers What Occurs

THE MASTER PREFERS WHAT OCCURS   If you have been reading any of my posts throughout this worldwide adventure, you have probably noticed we have had some of the highest of highs but also some really low lows.   Whenever you make a huge life change, you have to be willing to accept that so […]

It was a rough morning…

It was a rough morning climbing. I woke up really excited to climb and we hiked down to a well know crag in Meir Valley at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky to set up shop for the morning. It was beautiful. You had to walk through an archway of a huge boulder which took […]

Building Character and Relationships

Currently, I am sitting outside in the bone-chilling cold. Well, it’s 11C (51F), but as a Floridian who has lived in Singapore for the past 6 years, I can barely feel my fingers as I type on my keyboard. We are in Kentucky right now at the Red River Gorge for 5 days of rock […]

No Regrets

It has been 77 days since I parted ways with my chiropractic practice to pursue a dream of traveling around the world. Currently, I am sitting in a giant metal tube 40,000 feet in the air on my way to NYC. I can’t believe I have been traveling for 2.5 months so far. Some days […]

Injured and Abroad in Vietnam

Injured and Abroad in Vietnam Ever since I can remember, there are two qualities that stand out a lot when I think of myself. Ever since I can remember, there are two qualities that stand out a lot when I think of myself. These two qualities are not ones I am especially proud – anxiousness […]

The Struggle is Real

We are hanging 120 feet off the ground from an overhanging roof on the side of a mountain protected only by a harness that we clipped into 2 titanium bolts drilled into the roof. Our legs are dangling underneath us are starting to lose feeling and go numb from the pressure of the harness’s leg […]

The Joy and Misfortune of Spontaneous Travel

As I plunge deeper and deeper into the water, the pressure builds up, the water gets colder and darker, and my lunges begin to scream for a breath of air. I am freediving in the Gulf of Thailand on the island of Koh Tao which is a little island off the eastern coast of mainland […]

Everyday Heroes in Thailand

Many times we can find everyday heroes all around us. I witnessed a hero in action the other day. We just arrived in Railay, Thailand a few days ago for a week of rock climbing. The setting is extraordinary. Giant limestone walls overlooking the ocean are views that you’d think you can only find in […]